get one love healing with Darren Wagstaff
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Get One Love Healing

Are you looking to shift, change or transform something in your life? …to improve your health, wealth, relationships or spiritual wellbeing?

If so, you’re in the right place.

Healed and transformed safely at a distance

Perhaps you are currently experiencing health issues; painful emotions; mental health issues; addictions; the presence of negative energies or entities; property or living space struggles; or even blockages to your own spiritual growth and development. Get One Love Healing has a solution for you.

get one love healing darren wagstaff

Featured Healing Sessions

Here are some of my most popular session requests

Negative Energy, Entity or Spirit Removal / Cleansing

If you are feeling tired regularly or sense the presence of some thing is draining you or bringing fear into your life this program is for you

3 months

Body, mind and heart healing sessions

If you have bodily aches, pains or illness or your mind or heart is troubled this program is a good fit for you.

3 months

One Love Healing?

The real healing is Love. Love is universal and all embracing. However, over the years or even lifetimes there are traumas that we have experienced that have put us into fear and fragmented our being. One Love Healing can help bring your fragmented parts back into self-healing so you can be whole once more.

Other Sessions

Here are a few other sessions you may be interested in…

Mental and Emotion Wellbeing Boost


Past life and parallel reality cleansing


Property Cleanse and Clearing (remove all negative energy and revitalises its life force)

About me

Hi, I'm Darren Grant W, the quantum distance healing facilitator

You already have everything you need to self-heal, but for numerous reasons that are specific to you, you are more than likely blocking yourself. Darren can safely, at a distance, facilitate your removing of these blockages and the transformation of these energies so that your healing is not held back any longer. Sessions and communication can be done via phone, facebook, telegram, whatsapp or zoom.

What my clients say*

I am Feeling so much "lighter" overall... The home and property feel SO MUCH LIGHTER!! ❤️🌟
seeta trivedi negative energy removal healing
Seeta T (USA)
Negative Entity removal
5/5 more hip pain. Feel good... I don’t wake up during the night because of the pain anymore.
Dominique Conci Hip Pain Healing
Dominique MC (France)
Hip pain cleared after 2 years of suffering after a single facilitated session
I feel so relaxed, calm, clear and light. My mind is still. I’m doing alright. No complaints or anything!
mike shiff negative spirit remoal
Mike S (LA, California)
Negative spirit removal, double jab & emotional trauma healing
I was bedridden after falling down the stairs and in lots of pain. Now I am up and about, the pain has gone just a little dull ache. My range of motion is back and feel brighter and moving about without issue. It's just like magic.
Lynda B (Midlands, UK)
Negative Entity removal, trauma & bone healing
Amazing experience... I suffered trauma from a kid... lost self confidence... hit a bit of depression... After the session my heart felt more open... and able to stand in my power... cleared illness instantly.
scott w quantum healing review LA california usa
Scott W (USA)
Depression & childhood trauma shifted and moved

Went from not being able to stop crying and feeling scared to being relaxed, calm and happy to be at home and slept very well for the first time in a long time.
rosaria negative spirit removal ireland
Rosaria S (Ireland)
Negative spirit removal, emotions and living space healing