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Journey – What are you attuning to?

get one love healing darren wagstaff

An Adventure

There is an adventure. It is every second, every minute, everyday.

That adventure is an attuning beyond and throughout form; within and throughout every present moment and yet at no other time.

It is not one of just chatter and postulation whether verbal or internal.

It is not one of believing the words or vibrations of some embodied or disembodied being.

Is and Is Not

It is a mastery in direct communion, direct connection and yet neither of these things at all.

It is a mastery that does not exclude manifestation, omnipresence, spacial awareness, form dis-identification, Presence connection, pathways & frequencies (the oscillations of certain wave formations), clearings, healings and yet no more.

Nowhere and yet Everywhere

An adventure that takes no one no where and yet everywhere all at once without movement, doing, identifying, name or claim.

It is full of flavour, texture, contour, sensation, awareness without any perceptual form other than a formless, unrestricted sense of knowing.

The adventure is and is not triggered. Is and is not remembered. Comes without coming. Arrives without arriving. Twists without turning and consumes with nothing more.

Nothing Missing

There was nothing missing and yet the adventure awakens that which appears to be forgotten but never has.

Taste it. Know it. Be it.

Adventure. Adventure. Adventure some more.

get one love healing darren wagstaff


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